All legal restrictions connected with the Coronavirus pandemic were removed by the Government in England from 19th July.  However, in the interests of the longer term wellbeing of both volunteers and clients, we have continued booking only up to a maximum of 6 volunteers.  We hope that you understand our position in this period of concern, confusion and uncertainty.


We would strongly advise that you consider the following:


  1. Please book in advance up to a maximum of 6 volunteers.

  2. Use social distancing if you feel any discomfort or crowding.

  3. Please do not join us if you feel at all unwell.

  4. Please bring your own work gloves.

  5. Please bring a packed lunch and drinks to cover the day,

  6. Remember a sanitiser kit, including a towel and hot water (in a flask) for handwashing at break times.

  7. Although we are outside and not usually in confined spaces, please wear a mask if you feel more comfortable wearing one.


Thank you for your understanding.