We must sadly suspend, yet again, our current conservation programme until further notice.

However, individual volunteers will try to ensure that at least some of our sites receive necessary winter maintenance work, so that they will be ready for the coming spring!


Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.

Our Christmas tree is displayed again at Bare Lane Station. 

It will hopefully cheer us all at a difficult time of year!

The Tree Council

Walk Where You May with us this month (May 2020)

Just one tree can be a source of inspiration and reflection.
We’re encouraging everyone who safely can, to go out and enjoy just one tree, and share it on social media to inspire and uplift others using #WalkWhereYouMay.
It could be a tree in your garden, or on the street outside your house. Or it could be in the local green space where you go for your daily exercise.
Stop and appreciate it. Take a photo or video to explain what you learned from that tree, to inspire and uplift others.
Head on over to Twitter to join the conversation!
Thank you for your support and we hope #WalkWhereYouMay can help us stay connected to trees and one another.


Wildlife and other spring things of interest in our lockdown times

Jenny watched 3 hares on Caton Moor, having a ding dong.  David spotted a roe deer in Bare Lane station car park and Sylvia watched a pair of mallards with 5 tiny ones scooting around like dodgems on a fairground on the canal at Bolton-le-Sands.  Of course none of us had cameras!   The few children who are still at Great Wood have been using our dipping platform, so we still have things to report.

Pete took these pictures of violas and bluebells in the woods opposite Thurnham, the ponds at Glasson Dock and planting 30 or 40 Rowan, Wild Cherry, Crab Apple and Hazel trees at Galgate School.

Pond in spring
Julie and Mario
Planted and guarded
Sticks left over