This site is a small woodland adjacent to sheltered accommodation, owned by Lancaster City Council. We have helped to manage the wood for both wildlife and the people who live there, for a number of years. The wood is small but with lots of diversity and a circular path which allows access for the residents. Small scale woodland management with the additional planting of wildflowers has enhanced the whole site. We are now offering to put up any bird or bat boxes that the locals are hoping to make, along with some railings to assist those who are less mobile to gain access to the woodland. This is a much loved site and we always feel greatly appreciated by the residents.


We paid an autumn visit to Penhale to remove a fallen tree and clear some brambles and bracken from the area above the 'cliff' to make room for some new trees.  We also pruned some vegetation to clear the paths.  What did we find under the beech tree?  Earthstar puffballs (Geastrum triplex).  See the three in the last picture below.  Very strange-looking!  Never seen them before.  

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