SUMMER  2021




All legal restrictions connected with the Coronavirus pandemic will be removed by the Government in England from 19th July. However, in the interests of the longer term wellbeing of both volunteers and clients, we intend to continue operating   as at present for the time being. It will remain bookings only up to a maximum of 6 volunteers. We hope that you will understand our position in this period of concern, confusion and uncertainty.


We would strongly advise that you consider the following:


  1. Please book in advance up to a maximum of 6 volunteers.

  2. Use social distancing if you feel any discomfort or crowding.

  3. Please do not join us if you feel at all unwell.

  4. Please bring your own work gloves.

  5. Please bring a packed lunch and drinks to cover the day,

  6. Remember a sanitiser kit, including a towel and hot water (in a flask) for handwashing at break times.

  7. Although we are outside and not usually in confined spaces, please wear a mask if you feel more comfortable wearing one.


Thank you for your understanding.



We planted over 300 trees, donated by the TCV and OVO Energy, during the winter period, most of which are doing well despite some lengthy dry spells.  Created an infant nature area at Mossgate School.  Received annual funding from the Leeds - Morecambe Community Rail Partnership, for the work we do at Bare Lane station as Northern Rail Adopters.  Completed 3 sponsored commemorative trees on Torrisholme Barrow over the winter.  Helped prepare the Bee and Butterfly Garden for an Open Day at Hazelwood Farm in June.  A big thank you to everyone who supported us and helped keep us going during the long period of the pandemic.


11th July  Great Wood School  A new project begins!  A wildflower area has been designated in a sunny part of the school grounds.  Our initial plan is to construct a simple post and rail fence to demarcate the area, with a path running through it.  In addition there is a need to weed and maintain our newly planted trees.

25th July  Bee and Butterfly Garden, Silverdale   It has been a magnificent start to the floral season, with campion in full flower for the June open day.  There is now plenty of maintenance to do as well as tackling a couple of small wall gaps around the woodland.

8th August AM  Thurnham   Management.  Thanks to Peter for taking the site under his wing throughout the pandemic!  The weeds have been kept in check and wildflowers have flourished.  However, a short group presence is needed to start grass cutting and undertake further selective weeding.

PM  Belmont Meadows   Copse and hedges.  An opportunity to assess how things are getting on and to undertake necessary management tasks.

22nd August AM  Bare Lane Station   Weeding in the car park border and in the signalling compound, where our planted hedge has done well this year.

PM  Great Wood School  Building on the wildflower area that we fenced in July, this will be an opportunity to carry out further management work around this complex school site, where our long involvement has transformed much of the grounds.

Watch out for our autumn programme coming soon!

Tulip tub
Pete assembled  gates