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WINTER  2023

Many thanks to all our volunteers for their efforts during 2022

Best winter wishes for Christmas and the New Year


We have received a very kind donation from Bolton-le-Sands WI and a further donation from two supporters of our group. These donations will enable us to buy some more tools, in particular, tree planting spades.

We have had successful hedge planting on White Lund Farm in Morecambe, where 600, mainly hawthorn plants, will contribute to a wildlife corridor.


SUBS  We have kept our subs the same for many years but with both the increases in group insurance, and tea and biscuits, we feel that now is the time for a modest increase. This will be for 2023.

Waged  £14.00

Unwaged  £7.00


There is continued interest in tree planting on Torrisholme Barrow. We have managed to find space for a further    2 oak and 1 alder. The farmer, Mark Birkett, has been very supportive in allowing us to carry out the planting in certain locations but we are now running out of available room along the old hedge boundaries!


We have had a donation of 2 apple and 2 pear trees from TCV for Great Wood School. This is part of an initiative to involve more schools in creating orchards.

As Station Adopters at Bare Lane, we have received compliments from Northern Management. ‘The efforts of our volunteers are also a testament to the amazing work that happens’…….







A varied work programme that should encourage us all as we look forward to spring!

8 January 2023 - A vigorous start to 2023! Bare Lane Station am - As Northern Station Adopters, our successful hedge planting, from a few years ago, is ready for weeding and we now have funding to sow a wildflower and grass area in the carpark border. We will need to completely clear one area, rescuing some plants and clearing the rest.

Great Wood, Bare pm - We have some additional trees to plant to thicken up some of our planting areas including birch and rowan.

22 January - Torrisholme Barrow - We will be finishing off constructing a tree guard at the bottom of the slope and planting an alder. In addition, replenishing the hawthorn hedge alongside the roadside is necessary!

5 February - Bee and Butterfly Garden, Silverdale - Brambles are encroaching through the wall from the field, which will need clearing and the garden made ready for spring sowing. There may also be another drystone wall repair.

19 February - Mossgate School, Heysham am - An opportunity to assess our wooded areas around the school grounds. Work will include coppicing, pruning and planting.

Penhale pm - Our regular woodland management, tree planting and path management should prepare the site for the spring season.

5 March - Great Wood - Mark from Lancashire Wildlife Trust has drawn up an interim management plan for the Wood and we plan to start implementing one of the proposals. To reduce the build-up of nutrients in the pond and allow in more light, we will be removing some of the alder trees.

19 March - End of winter round up, depending on priorities. Watch this space for our mystery tour of sites requiring attention!


Sylvia from Bolton-le-Sands WI presents Liz with a donation for our conservation group

Oak tree on Torrisholme Barrow planted by our group in the mid 1980s

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