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SPRING  2023


We worked alongside James, our wonderful tree surgeon, to remove the alder trees overhanging the Great Wood Pond. This was one of the recommendations from a Management Plan drawn up by The Lancashire Wildlife Trust The pond has been suffering from lack of light and a build-up of nutrients. We have also been successful in obtaining a £100 green spaces award from the Trust for Conservation Volunteers (TCV).  This will go towards marginal pond plants and oxygenators for the Great Wood Pond.

We have completed the final planting of commemorative trees on Torrisholme Barrow.  Many thanks to all those local people who have made this possible.  We will check the trees over the summer months, water and weed where necessary.


We were asked by Northern to assess Heysham Station for possible environmental improvements and options for Station Adoption. We put together a draft plan and the recommendations are now with Northern.

ELMS- Environmental Land Management Scheme. Much has been mooted in the press about this post Brexit system for farm payments.  It will be interesting to see how it impacts on our local farms and whether further conservation work will be on the cards.

SUBS REMINDER - £14 waged and £7 unwaged.






2nd April - Bare Lane Station, am   After all the hard work of ground preparation on a wet winter day we now have the pleasure of sowing a grass and wildflower mix.  This will provide a small but good habitat for insects and birds.

Great Wood School, pm   A last opportunity to work on woodland management before we leave it for the local wildlife to build their nests, dig their holes and get on with breeding!  Some further small coppicing on the island and planting marginals around the pond.

23rd April - Bee and Butterfly Garden Silverdale   Time to sow seeds for the summer which should provide a riot of colour, pollen and nectar for insects, birds and butterflies.  Plenty to be done.

7th May - Thurnham Meadows   The meadows are emerging from a quiet spell over winter.  We now need to weave our magic, transforming the central area into a haven for insects and butterflies.  Perennial plants will now be growing but we need to prepare the ground and sow a wildflower mix for the summer months.

21st May - White Lund farm   The newly planted hawthorn hedge should now be in leaf but so too the weeds.  To give the young plants a chance we will be pulling out the weeds to reduce competition.  This is vital for the first few years after planting.

4th June - Mossgate School   the transformation of the school grounds to create a whole range of habitats has been very successful.  However, the trees are still young and need a helping hand to encourage growth.  Pulling out the rank grass is vital to reduce unwanted competition.

11th June - Weeding safari   A mystery trip around some of our sites to ensure that we are on top of all our maintenance.  Meeting point to be decided nearer the time.


Alders removed from pondside to let in more light to improve pondlife

The group on Torrisholme Barrow by our tree

The Group
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