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SUMMER  2024


1.The emphasis of our late spring and summer programme is management and maintenance of our sites and the planting we have carried out. This is crucial to their future success and is so often excluded after the euphorbia of the initial project. This is a recipe for disaster!!

2. We were delighted to see the wild daffodils at Penhale just a few weeks ago. We planted these some years ago and they have naturalised and increased in the years since. So satisfying.

3. We have now agreed with Lancaster City Council over the greenspace on the corner site between Bare Lane and Fairhope Avenue. We will be planting several fruit trees in the autumn, since this area was once the preserve of a number of local orchards. Wildflowers and bulbs will also be planted, and the site partially fenced to help protect the planting and encourage growth. We are now seeking funding for the project.

4. As Station Adopters at Bare Lane, we have been able to encourage re-lining of the car park as well as display a fine selection of spring bulbs.


28th April - Mossgate School, Heysham

Time that we had a dry day at Mossgate School, so we can finish preparing the area for the school to sow some cornfield annuals!  We would also like to sort out the bog garden adjacent to the wonderful pond and consider a wider range of marginal pond plants.

5th May - Mossgate School, am

Still lots to do managing the grounds.  We need to remove old tree guards, mulch the young trees and sort out the fruit beds.

Torrisholme Barrow, pm

It will be very satisfying to see how our landscape trees are progressing.  Each protected tree needs weeding, light pruning and checking the guards and protective cages.

26th May - Bare Lane Station, am

We intend to put summer plants into the planters on the platforms, choosing appropriate bee and insect friendly annuals and perennials.  Time for some creative flair.

White Lund Farm, Morecambe, pm

Exciting to see how our newly planted hedge has fared after the winter wet.  However, we must keep it weed free for a few years to ensure the new plants are able to thrive.

23rd June - Hazelwood Farm, Silverdale

Tempting fate to expect a balmy summers day in Silverdale?  Whatever the weather, we will have plenty to do in the bee and butterfly garden and potentially another wall gap.


7th July - Great Wood, Bare:  Pond margins

We will need to keep the area around the pond clear of regrowth from the alders, brambles, alliums and long grass.  We have been trying to allow more light into this area and also ensure the children can work from the platform.  Newly planted trees and hedge plants will benefit from weeding.

21st July - Penhale Woodland, Heysham, am

The paths need to remain accessible, so unwanted growth across paths and pavement can be cut back.

Belmount Water Meadows, Slyne, pm

Our annual trip to the water meadows where we will do some grass/reed cutting and raking.  We will also check our planted woodland copse.  However, our main mission is to carry on removing old rabbit guards where not needed.  We don't need to add to the plastic pollution!

4th August - Thurnham Meadow

Time to do some meadow cutting and raking to reduce the soil fertility and increase the range of flowers.  Perhaps we will have a riot of colour in the annual seeded area.


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