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WINTER  2022




Tree planting isn't news for our group, as we have quietly carried on planting more than 30,000 young trees over the last 30 years.  Due to the long-term dedication of our small band of volunteers many of these have now grown into substantial trees helping to combat CO2 emissions, and replacing some of the trees which we are losing due to ash dieback.  However, this last year has seen a greater awareness of the importance of trees and we have had the financial support of several local people who have sponsored commemorative trees on Torrisholme Barrow.  Thank you to all of them and we hope that they will continue to keep an eye on 'their' trees and get pleasure from them for years to come.


On another, positive, note we have planted a hawthorn hedge on Torrisholme Barrow, where the farmland meets the urban edge of Morecambe.   The farmer, Mark Birkett, has slightly relocated his fence allowing room to plant this hedge which will provide a wonderful habitat in years to come.

Our local schools have also been very proactive with more tree planting.  Both Great Wood and Mossgate have extended their small orchards with a range of trees from damsons and plums to crab apples and mulberries.  These are fabulous for pollinating insects and in time the children will be able to harvest fruit and appreciate where their food comes from!


Reminder of Subs.  For 2022 now due £12 (£6 unwaged).

Booking requirements   We are restricting our numbers while the Covid pandemic continues to flourish around us!  By doing this we have been able to continue our programme with no interruptions.

2nd January 2022 - welcome in the New Year with a double-bill:

Mossgate Primary School am - Another spell of construction work to create 3 compost bins.  Where possible we will be using reclaimed timber.  We also need to start management of the small woodland in the infant’s nature area.  This will involve some coppicing of older trees.

Penhale Woodland pm - Always a warm welcome at the ‘sheltered’ woodland.  We will need to assess any gale damage and plant a few more young trees.

16th January - Great Wood School - A good time to do some woodland work especially if there has been any gale damage and we still have some young trees to plant, courtesy of OVO Energy through the TCV. Lots of warm work for the cold winter weather.

30th January - Torrisholme Barrow - We have a further 3 sponsored trees to plant before the end of the planting season, so we need to do the advance woodwork construction.  With the gale damage to the old ash trees we are so glad of the opportunity to do some replanting on this wonderful historic vantage point.

13th February - Bare Lane Station - We need to tackle both the Signal Box Planter and the car park border, as both need to be redesigned and replanted.  There will be other management work to do around the station so plenty for everyone.

27th February - Hazelwood Farm Bee and Butterfly Garden - Lots of preparation in our bee garden ready for seed sowing in late March.  Winter dry stone wall gaps may also need to be repaired as our current band of storms have taken their toll, with some trees down and walls damaged.

13th March - Torrisholme Barrow - A final push to plant the remaining 3 trees and attach the protective wire against cattle damage.

Planting hedge

Maggie and Pete planting the hedge on Torrisholme Barrow