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Some of our achievements over 40 years!

Together we have...


Planted over 23,250 trees including hedgerow plants. Equates to absorbing more than 1,200 tonnes of CO2. A clear contribution towards mitigating Climate Change.  The successful take-up rate of trees has been excellent, since they are well managed by the group.  The figure for 2023/4 is almost 1,100.

Completed 3,500 metres of hedgelaying, the largest proportion being on Belmount Farm, Slyne.  Over the past few years hedge management amounts to approximately 400 metres, mainly at White Lund Farm and on Torrisholme Barrow.

Rebuilt around 700 metres of drystone wall - a wonderful sustainable habitat.  The bulk of this was in the Arnside & Silverdale AONB (now known as National Landscapes).  Over the past few years drystone walling has become mainly a question of carrying out 'gapping' on existing walls as and when required to keep them intact and fully functioning.

Helped transform the grounds of around 12 schools from little more than mown grass to valuable wildlife and landscape habitats, particularly at Great Wood School, Morecambe.

Created and managed over 8 ponds, mostly at Mossgate School and other school grounds.

A total of 6 wildflower meadows have been created or managed ranging from 3 square metres to 2 acres, including at Thurnham Church and Hazelwood Farm.

Planted 3 small orchards at Mossgate School, 1 at Great Wood School and 1 at Bare Lane Station.

Transformed into a mini woodland the margins of Mossgate School playing field. 

Planted and managed landscape trees - alder, oak and lime - on Torrisholme Barrow, funded largely by local people in commemoration of themselves and other family members.

Managed and enhanced the greenspace in and around Bare Lane Station, as Northern Station Adopters, over the past 10 years.

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