Amongst the more notable sites on which the group has worked over the years are the following, now managed by the owners: 

1.  School sites, including West End Primary School, creating raised beds;                 Morecambe Road Special School, planting an avenue of trees together with         some boundary planting; Torrisholme School, creating two small wildlife               areas, including a pond, together with a millennium arboretum which now           provides shade for the children, and corner sites which provide useful                 wildlife habitats in an urban setting; a wildlife garden creation at                         Grosvenor Park School.

Assembling fence at Grosvenor Park
Having a break in the orchard



2.  Whittingham Hospital Orchard. The large former hospital orchard contained         a large variety of fruit trees replanted in the 1950s.  We worked on this site,       including pruning work and some replanting, for several years in conjunction       with the Northern Fruit Group.

3.  Drystone walling sites within the Arnside/Silverdale AONB. We have undertaken       considerable rebuilding and repair work to drystone walls across the AONB, but       primarily within the former Hazelwood Farm.

Walling at Hazelwood
Planting trees at Middleton NR

4.  Tree planting work at Middleton Nature Reserve, in conjunction with the                 Lancashire Wildlife Trust.





5.  Woodland management work and replanting at the Lune Aqueduct site.

Preparing for planting
Is the step level?!

​6.  Low Lane Wood. The group renamed this site which was once an             isolation hospital site for the local authority. We provided access             steps, attended to the boundaries and planted trees and shrubs to           help strengthen the site. It provided much needed woodland in an           area with low tree cover.