Torrisholme Barrow

All the new caged trees are doing well, with the stock (including the bull!) now in residence. The latest oak here is just beginning to break.

Around 1990 when we looked after Low Lane Wood, involving tree and hedge planting and path maintenance, we also made steps and stiles to improve access for people walking through the wood up to Torrisholme Barrow.  After a number of elm trees, which had been beautiful features of the landscape overlooking Morecambe, died of Dutch Elm Disease on the Barrow, to replace them we planted four oak and ash trees and constructed tree guards to protect them from damage and trampling by cattle.  In 2017 one of these trees was struck by lightning.  Following discussions with local farmer, Mark Birkett, we replaced it and added added three more trees and protective cages.

Now we have removed the redundant cage from the tree struck by lightning.   We built another cage with wire netting attached to wooden posts and planted a sessile oak, watched by some of the inquisitive cows. 


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